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For owner-attorneys who:

  • Want to increase firm productivity while simultaneously getting more of their time back
  • Feel endlessly busy but can't seem to get important stuff done
  • Are ready for the flexibility they dreamed of when they started their firm 
  • Want to do away with chaos and feeling overwhelmed, forever

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Presented by Melissa Shanahan, Founder of Velocity Work

Melissa Shanahan founded Velocity Work after several years at a consulting firm focused on the growth of private practices all across the U.S.
After coaching over 350 doctors, dentists, and lawyers - she chose to narrow her services to attorneys only and started Velocity Work.

   “Attorneys who go out on their own are my favorite people. They’ve worked their tails off to become a lawyer, AND they have the guts to start their own firm even though they don’t receive training on how to build a business! That takes guts.

 So yeah, they’re my favorite people. And Velocity Work is committed to serving these extraordinary humans to build a firm they’re proud of and a life that they love.”

The host of the Velocity Work podcast and an extremely effective coach for attorneys running their own firms, Melissa brings her A-game to everything she does.

Her energy is infectious and the material she’s teaching will forever change how you think. 

From mindset, to vision, to productivity, to tracking firm data, Velocity Work has helped hundreds of attorneys grow their firm on their terms. 

What attorneys have to say…

  • “One of the things that we've learned is, in a sense, how to be the CEO, how to be the person who can look and see that what you've created is working. And then you can have the vision to see where you want to go and make a plan for how you get there.”

    Marcus Vaden, Marcus Vaden Law
  • "Mastery Groups helped me gain control over my schedule by putting time into planning up-front. Scheduling your activities and requiring yourself to do things sequentially is a superpower. I’ve seen so many projects go from idea to completion because of this program." 

    Ty Shepard Sparkman, Shepard & Morris P.C.
  • "Part of accountability is getting pushed and having people clarify stuff with you. I know that the lessons that I learned ended up being a lot stronger, because Melissa and others in the group helped me clarify and revise that lesson."

    Joe Vitale, IndieLaw
  • "I've gotten a ton of value out of this process. More so than anything else I've done in awhile. I truly would not have accomplished as much during this time without Velocity Work." 

    Walter Reaves, Law Office of Walter M. Reaves, Jr. 

This masterclass is not for everyone

Not everyone can shift their mindset into a place that powers true productivity and gets results. Your results are not guaranteed. This masterclass is only for owner-attorneys that are willing to take an honest look at how they operate and to implement changes that might be uncomfortable at first.

I've worked with hundreds of businesses, and this masterclass will give you specific tips and tools you can implement today - but they only work if you truly put the effort in.